Thursday 2 August 2018

Taurus ( Bull- April 20-May 20 )

Posted by Dr.Nishant Pareek
The first among the fixed signs and earthy by nature, taureans can put up with a lot of provocation. The have a great power of endurance and patience. People compare a patient person who works steadily and waits for the results to come up at one time or the other, to bhoomi= the earth. But taureans, when provoked to anger to anger, become wild with rage and get volatile. They could be unrelenting.
          They are slow and steady. Plodding and persevering, patient and persistent with a strong will power. They are also conservative. They will rarely waste their surplus energy and talent. Their every action is deliberate and we’ll thought out. They will not mind biding their time till they feel that it is advantageous and wise to act. When this house is afflicted, the native could be a victim of laziness and self- indulgence. They may nurture such drawbacks producing negative results.
        As it is both an earthy and fixed sign, the natives will have a sharp eye on their money, worldly possessions and an impelling appetite for food and preferring sweets. They become worldly and take pleasure in the good things of life. They are fond of ease, comforts and luxurious. If they were to energise their minds a little more and reduce the emphasis on their sensual pleasures. They would help themselves in maintaining good health.

        As venus rules this sign, in love affairs, they will continue to be intensely loyal and true to the one whom the person likes, even though there may be opposition or upsetting conditions. A little self control is necessary in early life, especially when Taurus received aspect from Saturn or if Saturn were  to be in the ascendant in Taurus. They should try to lead a temperate life. Venus also gives a good taste in arts, music, theatre, cinema, etc.

Yet they are lucky people who know the value of money, how to handle it and and never give away easily. They will be at ease only when they receive money, put it in the pocket or keep it in safe deposit. They do not believe in more hope of making money or realising the stranded funds at a later date. Though they believe that haste makes waste, yet they do not hesitate when it comes to making money
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