Wednesday 10 May 2017

Your boss is not happy with your work? So make him happy with this little thing ......

Posted by Dr.Nishant Pareek
Your boss is not happy with your work? So make him happy with this little thing ......

The first thing you need to do is to get your tuning or idea with your company boss, to get a job at any place. It depends on whether your job will run or not, or how many days will last. Nowadays almost everybody complains that my boss is not happy with me. Because nowadays every man lives in such a tension that if someone speaks anything to him, he becomes angry or starts fighting after fighting. The main reason for this is that nowadays every person is troubled in many ways. Someone has trouble with money, so nobody is troubled by the family. No children are getting married, so it is disturbing that there is trouble with a wife. In this way almost every man has some difficulty because of which he does not work in his job and he does not have to listen to the rebuke of his boss if he does not do it in a proper manner. Which is very painful. The listener does not just die, but the storm that arises inside him is very fierce.


This problem is telling you a very simple and accurate solution. Which you can easily do.
For this, you have to take 16 seeds of basil and take a white cloth. And on Mondays, these 16 seeds are tied in that white cloth and there is an empty place anywhere in the office, press it. With this measure, your boss will be happy with you in a few days and will speak with love.

  Special - Nowadays, the cameras have begun to appear in the offices, so you should take special care that you do not come in the eyes of a camera, otherwise there will be a bad effect.
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