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know your zodica sign -Gemini (twins-may 21- june 20)

Posted by Dr.Nishant Pareek
Gemini (twins-may 21- june 20)
                   Being an airy sign, persons born in this sign live mostly in the mind. They will be carefree and joyous and somewhat reluctant. Their mind will be positive and strong. They are versatile, restless and inclined to seek changes and make improvement. 

                 As mercury is the lord of this sign, communication, reading , writing would dominate their lives. There mercurians display their intellectual talent and show all the signs of mental dexterity and supreme intelligence. They understand, analyse, have a quick grasp with much retentive power and ability to reproduce.
                They can comprehend people and adapt themselves readily to circumstances. They can offer advice, persuade and argue with others. They can critically analyse the merits of a case. They are always active with a flexible mind, which enables them to take a  dispassionate view of the advantages and disadvantages of each and hence take a pragmatic, even if somewhat delayed decision. Gemein is termed as twins. Mercury, the lord of the sign, is depicted as a boy, among all gods, not fully grown. Mercury is also said to be – the winged messenger of god. Mercury has wings both on its helmet and sandals. That is why, geminians are known to be very quick on the uptake. It is said that people with some big , important ideas to express and businessmen generally elect the time of Gemini, with a belief that this will bless sharp intelligence, adaptability and ultimately ensure success. 
                 Being a dual sign, it gives the native ability to pursue more than one occupation at a time and also to adept oneself to new surroundings. They will gather courage, present a courageous front and assertive attitude, even though they are highly timid and nervous. It is very difficult for others to understand them and their peculiarities. They are rather impulsive. It is the impulse that will decide which line of action one will take. 

                 But they should avoid going to extremes. Geminians may be lmpulsively as generous as parsimonious at times. They have to avoid superficiality in order to gain clarity and insight and accomplish a task intelligently.

                 These people can be relied upon in any emergency, as they can respond to the necessities and requirements of the moment. But they also have a few faults like waywardness, fickleness and leaving the task unfinished. Therefore, they are more likely to be at their best in cooperation with others while undertaking any job. They love diversity, like the air to which they belong. They have to be moving from place or from one thought to the other. They refuse to be bound by rules. They are really pleased only when they act unexpectedly, rather than in accordance with convention.

                The house of gemini is called the house of oscillation and vacillation. So these persons are changeable. They are apt to diffuse their energies and utilise them on divers interests. The influence of mercury will make them delve deep into all matters, as though they are research-oriented. They will prove to be good detectives, make brilliant journalist and excellent schemers. Being an intellectual sign, they also have a knack for languages and retaining data.

                 It is said that the geminians have too many irons in the fire. Their minds are fertile and their range of thought is very wide. If retrograde mercury were also to rise at the time of birth, the native will prefer to sidestep the truth and enjoy a good joke. They cannot believe what they have not seen or experienced. Their viewpoint will always be responsible. They can understand other's outlook and adapt themselves to it. In other words, they have an academic nature with a democratic attitude. Being a common sign and the third sign of the zodiac, these natives would love to travel frequently. These may mainly be short journeys by land.
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